Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is something we do instinctually. It’s also something we can easily do consciously. Just like other forms of mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing can have far-reaching benefits.

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A Henry H001 rifle and 6X Malcolm scope

Focus on a Single Thing

Mindfulness is the sort of thing that you can practice just about anywhere, anyhow. When you’re behind a gun, there’s plenty to be mindful of – so it’s good to be able to control what you’re focusing on!

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Sitting behind the Springfield 1903

Breath Focus

Unlike many of the other functions in your body (heart beat, blood pressure, digestion, and so on), breath is something that can be controlled directly.

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A Riffle with a Tellescope to It

While some may remember Charles Willson Peale as a painter of more than 1,100 portraits, I like to remember him for his contribution to the understanding of eye relief.

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Mindfulness and Firearms